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Posted by TomBow (Member # 1470) on :
On December 31 my first Trad only season was done. Prior to my deer season opening here in MN I did a lot of research on broadheads, high FOC arrows, the Ashby studies, wood arrows etc. I tested some generously donated-to-me Grizzly 125's after hearing great things about Single Bevel 2-blade heads. The Tuffheads were strongly endorsed and I planned on building some high-FOC woods in the 620-650+ gr. range. After the season ended, I was confident that I would not need to search for another broadhead.

When reading and watching videos relating to Dr. Ed Ashby's information on broadhead penetration, the emphasis was on heavy bone hits and maximizing penetration IN CASE heavy bone was encountered. None of us plan on intentionally aiming to hit heavy bone but it never hurts to have some insurance for worst-case scenarios. The results of my season are as follows:
#1 adult doe--arrow hit in the right shoulder blade and penetrated ridge-bone of scapula and cut and offside rib--tracking job: 80 yards and down in seconds
#2 yearling doe--arrow hit the spine and severed through the vertebrae, deer required a second arrow after dropping on the spot with the first hit--tracking job: 0 yards
#3 adult buck--arrow entered at the back of the right rib cage (deer quartering away at about 75 degrees) and penetrated into the left shank just below the elbow joint--tracking job: 70 yards and down in seconds
#4 adult doe--arrow passed through the rib cage, double lung, minimal bone contact--tracking job 40 yards and down in seconds

The following picture is from deer #3: The view is from the underside of the bone.

This shows the penetration into the bone by the 225gr Tuffhead. Specs are as follows:
Toelke Whip 62", 53# @ 28" drawn to 28-28.25", Sitka Spruce shaft, 4-5" feather fletch, 225 gr Tuffhead--total arrow weight about 625 gr. shot distance about 10 yards. Again, the arrow passed diagonally through the deer, chipped an offside rib and went that far into the bone. I was amazed after seeing the penetration while cutting up the deer.
Joe Furlong of Vintage Archery produces this head in 225 gr. and 300 grain weights as well as a new head, and field points to match head weights. This is a great head.
Posted by amar911 (Member # 15808) on :
Yes, great heads. My only problem with them was the soft steel adapters, and now Joe Furlong has solved that problem with strong (but expensive) titanium adapters. At $8 per adapter they greatly increase the cost of an individual broadhead, but the resulting head is well worth the expense.

Posted by Jackpine Boyz (Member # 45525) on :
I see this post is old, but thought I would add my Tuffhead pic also.
This was a nubbin buck, propablly 100#'s on the foot only, but the arrow came in through Right scapular ridge 2 ribs transverse processes and vertebral bodies, 2 more ribs and finally stoped with half the broadhead through the thin part of left scapula with tip not quite through skin.
5 yards from treestand with 62 # Newwood r/d longbow flinging 750gr arrow at 30" draw.

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