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Posted by KodaChuck (Member # 43142) on :
3 Rivers Archery is a nice outfit -- a sponsor on the site --- but I just don't get why they charge so much for shipping small items and create bad vibes with their customers. A co-worker buys a single shooting glove ... a good glove for $69 and 3 Rivers charges $11.99 for shipping.....on top of it, they then ship in a plastic envelope using First Class Mail (taking several days to arrive) and the real cost is about $1.50 to ship the 2 oz. envelope. C'mon guys. That's not right! That's ripping off the working man. Please fix your shipping policy and stop overcharging!
Posted by bowheadhunter (Member # 43575) on :
sounds like they need to start a 3 rivers ((prime)) free shipping after joining a (prime) club,,that shipping in plactic envelope for 11.99 is going to make themselves look bad,,,
Posted by bowheadhunter (Member # 43575) on :
I see why they charge .... $11.99 [bigsmyl] [biglaugh]

Boy this place is dead lately with comments,,,,,
Posted by dnurk (Member # 41964) on :
I've stopped ordering from them because their shipping charges are completely out of line. I don't know what shipping calculator they use but until they change their policy I personally won't be buying from them.

Great company and always good service....just not willing to pay outlandish S&H
Posted by Dave Nash (Member # 40789) on :
Love their service but shipping cost are outrageous. Please fix it or explain your reasoning.
Posted by Brock (Member # 7061) on :
I never complained about shipping as the availability of items is the bonus for me. Not many other places that have the inventory of 3 Rivers. I can and do go to Raptor or a couple others depending on price and make of items sometimes....but cost of doing business.

In my book if the only complaint you have is the shipping costs....then not much of a concern. Let us know when you find another vendor with the selection and service of 3 Rivers at a SIGNIFICANT cost savings for shipping.

I am sure shipping also includes cost of the shipping containers people that draw stock, package, and ship it. Large operations have to pay people to do what the smaller shop owners can do themselves....3 Rivers is too big for that to happen. I dont think there is a win win position...if they used 3rd Class Mail and the items were beat up or damaged and took 10 days or more to arrive then people would complain about poor packaging and shipping though the costs were very cheap. [Smile]

Thanksfully they are not the only online vendor so people can go wherever they are happy. LOL
Posted by Kunafish (Member # 44303) on :
I wait until they offer free shipping specials, if it's something I don't need right away. Get on their mailing list for special offers.
Posted by slowbowjoe (Member # 34976) on :
They do have the most extensive inventory of quality products around, and are very professional. Having around 30 years of retail experience, including mail order, I understand well there is an expense with shipping/handling.

That said, I agree their shipping seems excessive, at least on smaller items. Perhaps more disappointing to me is that I purchased a high quality sharpener from them a few years back, which was discontinued a couple of months later. I tried to get replacement blades: response was they had none, and had modified the new blades just to cover the remaining stock of the old model, and no more. They offered that I could just resharpen the one blade I had.

That has never felt right to me, and I am open hearing others views of that.
I still appreciate what they offer to the traditional archery community, but find it difficult to purchase there if I find the same items from some of our smaller sponsors.

Please recognize I am not bashing 3 Rivers, but feel it fair to relate an honest experience.
Posted by Shooter#21 (Member # 44340) on :
I have purchased accessories from 3R and the service and quality has been unsurpassed. I love being able to call and get advice from someone in the know. As far as shipping, I just wait on specials as aforementioned.
Posted by stickandstring (Member # 4962) on :
I wait for promotional $5 shipping before ordering. They might be loosing customers, or at least, not capitalizing on every sale with their high shipping costs.
Lots of other businesses have come up with cheaper shipping solutions, so why cant they? Internet sales are not diminishing.
Posted by Producer (Member # 43061) on :
They charge retail for what they sell and the shipping charges allow them to up their profit margin. I and others have written to complain but it falls on death ears.
Posted by eckterling (Member # 41407) on :
The one thing I like about 3Rivers shipping is I know what it going to be ahead of time. Their shipping is based on the price of your order and not the weight, but I understand why one might get frustrated when ordering an expensive glove and paying so much for shipping. I hate when I am ordering from somewhere and I have to fill out everything but my credit card info just to find out what shipping is going to be.

Shipping is getting out of hand with USPS in general. Just to ship something that is one oz it costs about $3 for First Class not including the cost of the packaging itself. If a package weighs 1 lb it HAS to go Priority Mail which is a minimum of about almost $9.

When shipping costs are fixed on the price of the order you don't have to worry about how much the products weigh. When you are ordering your flint knapping stones you don't have to worry about the package weight like you do other places.

A shipping calculator would be nice, but I get that programming shipping for over 10,000 products is a little crazy. And like I said before I personally would rather know shipping ahead of time rather than once my order is complete.
Posted by Shadowhnter (Member # 44522) on :
I too seen the shipping cost as excessive. I also found out that they are not as cheap as I once thought on many of their products. I like them enough though, that if I cannot find what I need at Kustom King, I still deal with them. Kustom gets most of my buisness on the average needs.
Posted by Sirius Black (Member # 34894) on :
I respect them, but do more shopping with Kustom King and The Footed Shaft, both are also sponsors here.
Posted by Grittybow (Member # 45132) on :
its prevented me from ordering some first lite stuff they had on sale!
Posted by crazynate (Member # 41944) on :
I ordered some antler knobs for my takedown and shipping was 9.99. to add 1 pack of field points shipping jumped to 13.00 dollars. That's a little bit of a gouge. But 3 rivers is the best so you set what you pay for. I always get my packages within 2 days, every time. so its worth it to me. But I can see why guys are mad. To hard to please everyone.
Posted by stagetek (Member # 12185) on :
Shipping costs should be based on size and weight, not price. I think their shipping costs are very high.
Posted by Michael Arnette (Member # 18012) on :
I have been doing more price checking myself, I've been going through the Nocking Point.
I have great respect for three rivers and started ordering through them when no one else was around in the traditional market. However, their prices are consistently higher besides the shipping cost
Posted by Cecil (Member # 12155) on :
I dont order from them anymore. I use some of the other vendors.not all becouse of shipping cost but some other reasons also.
Posted by Alvey (Member # 22120) on :
yup!trying to get away from them so are some of my friends.
Posted by Captain*Kirk (Member # 45005) on :
3Rivers has always done me right from products to service and advice...with the EXCEPTION of shipping. I have complained via email in the past. What they do is use a graduated scale based on the cost of your order. If you order a dozen shafts at $40.00, your shipping will be around 15.50, then throw in, say, 100 nocks, a tube of Fletch Tite, 3 dozen feathers and a dozen field points, the weight change is negligible (less than 1#) and everything fits snugly in the same box with the shafts. UPS doesn't charge any more than the 15.50 but you are now up over 100.00 in product and your shipping jumps up to 19.95 for no reason other than they can. This is not the ideal way to do business and the more you buy, the more shipping you pay. I don't mind paying actual with a mark up, but in the above scenario, you can see that nothing changed except the amount of goods inside the box. I do see on their website now they have a shipping chart and are offering delivery via USPS which is quite a bit cheaper.
Despite higher shipping fees, I think 3Rivers is top-notch and I will continue to purchase from them.
Posted by gsurko (Member # 45925) on :
I live in Western Mi. 3 Rivers is in Indiana, I don't think I can drive to their store for $11.99.
Posted by Captain*Kirk (Member # 45005) on :
Originally posted by gsurko:
I live in Western Mi. 3 Rivers is in Indiana, I don't think I can drive to their store for $11.99.

Agreed. However, I think shipping should be determined on an individual case. Someone living in Indiana should not have to pay the same as someone living in CA.
Actual with a 10% markup would be fair. Profit should be generated by sales, not shipping.
Posted by 3R Shooter (Member # 13708) on :
Our shipping rates changed several months back. Now you pay for standard shipping is $5.95, $7.95, or $9.95 for lower 48 states. Can see the full rates table here:

Only oversized items will have additional costs, which is dependent upon the item. We do not make money on shipping. When you balance out all orders at the end of the year, it is not a profit center for us.

In regards to shipping cost on a per order base, it is something we have looked at, and maybe some day, but it is not something we can take advantage of at the moment. I believe a lot of people would see higher shipping rate compared to what they are getting from our chart right now.
Posted by chris K. (Member # 9587) on :
I wasn’t a huge 3rivers fan because of shipping but then I went there. They have several people there that work very hard and to keep those people they have to charge a little bit extra for their shipping. Might be pricey on lower priced items but on larger purchases it get way more than competitive.
Posted by Captain*Kirk (Member # 45005) on :
Johnathan, this is the best news I've heard in a while. I'm glad you listen to customer feedback, and actually respond in a positive note. As I mentioned, that was my only sticking point, and apparently you've addressed it.
Posted by John Malone (Member # 46247) on :
I just ordered some stuff from 3rivers today. I read this tread first and some others. They were the only place I could get everything I wanted in one shot. A dozen arrows, 6 Zwickey Eskilites, field points, fletching tape, brass washers, feathers, and a new tab. About $160 bucks, shipping was a lil over ten bucks. Evidently their new shipping aint to bad had I ordered one item might not have been as good. But so far I'm loving that place. Ive also purchased from our other sponsors no problems with them but when you need multiple items its nice to find them in one spot.
Posted by slohunter (Member # 46929) on :
I like dealing with 3 Rivers, glad to see new shipping prices. Where I live, it's compound city.

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