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Posted by Ron LaClair (Member # 13) on :
Just thought you folks would like to know.
My wife Nancy and I will celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary on February 28th 2009. More than that we have been bow hunting together for that long also. We actually bow hunted together for the first time in the fall of 1958 and haven't missed a fall hunt together since that time.

I started bow hunting for deer in 1955 and as a single man looking for a soul mate, I found that most girls weren't interested in the outdoors let alone shooting bows and arrows.

Nancy was raised on a farm and her dad and granddad were avid outdoorsmen. Her 1st cousin who lived just down the road was Jack White, 1953 NFAA National Instinctive Champion. Although Nancy had not shot bows She had attended many archery tournaments that her Cousin Jack had participated in.

Nancy and I first met in early 1958. Right off the bat we discovered that we liked a lot of the same things. When I started telling her of my love for archery and bowhunting She was very interested. One thing led to another and we just "clicked" Our first date was to see the movie "Old Yeller" and on our 2nd date we went ice fishing.

That first summer before we were married I bought Nancy a 39# "simi" recurve bow. I set up a target in her garage where she lived in an apartment with two other girls and started teaching her how to shoot. By early fall she was ready to start her bow hunting career and we went on our first bow hunt together in northern Michigan

Neither of us have ever owned or shot compounds. Our love for the bow has spanned a half century and shows no signs of waning. Nancy's talking about turkey hunting again this spring with her longbow.

Like the bow is to the arrow, we are separate, yet we are one.

Nancy and I in northern Michigan in 1959


A like pose in 1999. Nancys got her face blackened. I'm the one that needed the black... on my beard. [Big Grin]

Posted by vermonster13 (Member # 8675) on :
Congrats and here's to 50 more [thumbsup]
Posted by cody roiter (Member # 5588) on :
Great post Ron.. I wish u and Nancy my best....

Posted by BowHuntingFool (Member # 14899) on :
Congrats to the both of you Ron! [clapper] [thumbsup] [clapper]
Posted by Broken Arrow 1 (Member # 16660) on :
Thats good stuff Ron Congrats.
Posted by LA Trapper (Member # 2155) on :
Congrats Ron to you and Ms. Nancy. Fifty years is quite a milestone.

Posted by ozy clint (Member # 15776) on :
happy aniversary ron and nancy.
i hope there's another 50 years ahead for you both. [archer]
Posted by Steve O (Member # 503) on :
Nobody I enjoy seeing more at the shows than Nancy. She is the sweetest of sweethearts!

You kids are a good example for all of us [thumbsup] .
Posted by Straight Shootin' (Member # 16671) on :
Happy anniversary Ron and Nancy. Quite an accomplishment. Best wishes and happy hunting. [archer]
Posted by trad_admirer (Member # 17876) on :
Congrats! [clapper] [clapper] [clapper]
Posted by Ron LaClair (Member # 13) on :
BS...before Shrews.. [Big Grin]

Posted by Bojangles (Member # 18332) on :
Happy 50th Ron and Nancy. God Bless you both!

Posted by john mccabe (Member # 9374) on :
Posted by over&under (Member # 8273) on :
Happy 50th to ya both, quite a story there Ron, brings a smile to your face.

Posted by Arwin (Member # 9248) on :
Happy 50th Ron and Nancy!!!
Posted by MYSTIKBOW (Member # 281) on :
Happy 50th anniversery Ron & Nancy. I hope there are many more to come.
My wife and I will celebrate our 25th this year!! Well..ok..were half way there. LOL
She doesn't hunt with me but she does shoot with me all summer.
Posted by whitebuffalo (Member # 7130) on :
WOW,,Happy 50th Ron and Nancy,,great pictures,,JB
Posted by pdk25 (Member # 12864) on :
Well, it's officially Feb 28th. Happy anniverary! You've lived an incredibly fortunate life to spend such a long time with the person you love.
Posted by Hawkeye (Member # 662) on :
Here's to a fine couple! Congratulations on the legacy you've left _together_!

I've always appreciated talking with Nancy at the shows...

Wishing you many more great years-

Posted by Holm-Made (Member # 1997) on :
Posted by longstiks (Member # 1759) on :
Happy 50th Ron and Nancy and may you have many more!!
Posted by legends1 (Member # 10658) on :
Happy 50th,Ron and Nancy.Whats wrong with 50 more.
Posted by JAG (Member # 3882) on :
[bigsmyl] [clapper] [campfire] [archer] [thumbsup]
Posted by tomyhawk (Member # 1472) on :
Happy aniversery Ron. I wish you both many more.
I will never forget my time at shrew haven, [wavey] [clapper]
Posted by CheapShot (Member # 6379) on :
Ron, I enjoyed meeting you and Nancy at our banquet last year. She is a sweetheart for sure. I wish you two many more happy Anniversary's
Posted by Mike Manassa (Member # 15050) on :
Happy 50th Ron and Nancy...A match made in Heaven..Hope you have many more....Mike
Posted by Guru (Member # 616) on :
Ron, That was one of the coolest things I've ever read on TG. Happy 50th to both of you [Not Worthy] [Not Worthy]

And here's to many,many more [pray]
Posted by slivrslingr (Member # 16071) on :
Happy 50th, hope you have many more!
Posted by gregg dudley (Member # 3093) on :
Happy Anniversary, Ron! You already know that you are a lucky man. [thumbsup]
Posted by David Bartholomew (Member # 4064) on :
Bravo!! See, I told my wife we were still young... we're just coming up on #32~! I can only hope that we make it to 50.

GOD Bless,
Posted by T Folts (Member # 5126) on :
Congrat's to both of you, no very many find their life long soul mate, partner, and friend all in one. You to are blessed.

Posted by hunt it (Member # 1867) on :
Conrats Ron and Nancy. Thats alot of arras flung and hope you both fling many more. Enjoy your special anniversary.
Posted by broketooth (Member # 18029) on :
congrats to both of you on a milestone in your lives thats becoming rare in this world the best to both of you
Posted by Ron LaClair (Member # 13) on :
Thanks to all [wavey]

Posted by Tim Fishell (Member # 10380) on :
Congrats Ron and Nancy. I always look forward to seeing Nancy at all the shoots. Your a lucky man Ron...but you already know that!! [thumbsup]
Posted by elknut1 (Member # 18133) on :
Ron, congrats to the both of you, very nice post!

Posted by Jim Boettcher (Member # 2644) on :
Very touching story. Congrats to you both.
Posted by STEVE R. (Member # 14753) on :
Happy Aniversary !
Posted by huckbuck (Member # 618) on :
Congratulations Ron and Nancy [clapper] [clapper]
Posted by freefeet (Member # 17925) on :
Best wishes for many more happy years. [clapper]
Posted by KentuckyTJ (Member # 12840) on :
Fantastic Ron congratulations to you both. I was born on this fine day so it has meaning to me as well.
Posted by frassettor (Member # 13503) on :
Happy 50th to a great couple! God Bless [thumbsup] [clapper] [clapper]
Posted by Irish Archer (Member # 9680) on :

Congrats to you and Nancy on your longevity.
Posted by SteveMcD (Member # 3795) on :
Congratulations, Nancy & Ron! Happy 50th!!! And God Bless!
Posted by bayoulongbowman (Member # 78) on :
Thats alot of Happy Days...hope you have alot archer pal, Mark#78 [coffee] [campfire] [clapper] [wavey]
Posted by Leland (Member # 8223) on :
Happy 50th to you both.
Posted by Gus (Member # 406) on :
Ron & Nancy --- What a Great day for a Great couple !!! Gus and Cindy
Posted by ductape (Member # 15199) on :
Happy 50th Ron and Nancy!!
Posted by jonsimoneau (Member # 1224) on :
That is amazing! Congrats. Ron, I really think you should write a book someday.
Posted by Son of Texas (Member # 8239) on :
Congrats. Happy 50th. That should make every bow hunter jealous. [clapper]
Posted by 4runr (Member # 8051) on :
Congradulations, Nancy and Ron, on a milestone that not many reach this day-n-age. My your arrows continue to fly straight and may your hearts continue down the same path.

Bless you!
Posted by Randy Morin (Member # 2199) on :
Happy 50'th Ron and Nancy. Congratulations you two! [Not Worthy] [thumbsup]
Posted by Shawn Leonard (Member # 136) on :
Very Nice!! Happy Anniversary to you both!! May you have many more!! Shawn
Posted by Whip (Member # 113) on :
Happy anniversary Ron and Nancy! You are both so very lucky to have each other, and it shows!
Posted by Mel Amos (Member # 6064) on :
[clapper] [archer] [campfire]

Congrats!.... Look forward to meeting you sometime.

Posted by FerretWYO (Member # 13052) on :
Happy aniversry. I hope that i can find what you and your wife have found.
Posted by Ybuck (Member # 11581) on :
most excellent, [clapper]
Posted by pseman (Member # 11917) on :
Great story. Congrats to the both of you.
Posted by CHAD (Member # 3793) on :
Congrats Ron and Nancy.
Posted by Deadsmple (Member # 5050) on :
You are truly blessed. Congratulations on the 50yrs.
Posted by Littlefeather (Member # 982) on :
That may be one of the best hunting success stories ever. Way to go Ron! What a dandy trophy. Hope you have many more years together. CK
Posted by Patrickzbower (Member # 14738) on :
50yrs with the one you love is true bliss! Here's to another 50 more! [thumbsup]
Posted by Ron LaClair (Member # 13) on :
Nancy gets serious about her hunting. [archer]

Posted by bc (Member # 33) on :
Happy Anniversary Ron and Nancy!

What a blessing to be married 50 years -- Nancy, I think of you as "Saint Redbird" :-)

all my best,

Posted by NW Jamie (Member # 18954) on :
Ron and Nancy,
Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, you both must be very proud; my best wishes to both of you. Judy and I still have four more years till we can start on the next fifty the way you and Nancy are now. Best wishes.
Posted by Bjorn (Member # 6694) on :
You guys rock!! Congrats! [thumbsup] [thumbsup]
Posted by Weekend Warrior (Member # 3400) on :
Congrats On your 50 yrs [clapper]
Posted by Izzy (Member # 10828) on :
Congrats to you 2.
Posted by George D. Stout (Member # 69) on :
Ron, love that committment, and that girl is still cute as a button 8^). Carol and I will have 44 in this November. Time flies when you're having fun. God bless....hope you get another fifty.
Posted by Onions (Member # 11946) on :
Must be a good day to be married, my wife and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversery today!
Lord, willing we will make 50, only 45 to go!!!
Congrats Ron and Nancy!!

chris <><
Posted by adkmountainken (Member # 3237) on :
happy 50th wild man!!! how did ya get so lucky???
Posted by reddogge (Member # 17294) on :
Happy 50th anniversary Ron and Nancy. 6.5 more and I can join you but my wife doesn't share my unusual outdoor pursuits.
Posted by joekeith (Member # 7856) on :
[clapper] [clapper] [clapper]
Posted by bentpole (Member # 6180) on :
Congrats to you and the Mrs. Ron!
Posted by allan f (Member # 8373) on :
Happy anniversary way to go for both of you.

Posted by katie (Member # 11682) on :
Congratulations Ron and Nancy! What a great story. Love to see a man still giddy over his bride 50 years down the road. A mark the rest of us should set aim for.
Posted by Ron Roehrick (Member # 2662) on :
Congratulations to Ron and Nancy, to find a lifelong soul mate that shares your interests is indeed a little slice of heaven here on earth.May you both be blessed with many more years together.
Posted by Tique (Member # 2782) on :
Congratulations to both of you! 50 years doing something you love with someone you love; doesn't get any better than that.
Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
Congrats to both of you....that is quite an accomplishment! [clapper] [clapper] [clapper]
Posted by bowhunterinchile (Member # 7392) on :
Happy 50th!! What a special day!!!
Posted by TimDougan (Member # 8812) on :
Congrats on 50 great years! TD.
Posted by coaltroll (Member # 3916) on :
congratulations on a major milestone, and Thank you so much for sharing this moment with us.
Posted by TNstickn (Member # 12884) on :
[clapper] [clapper] HAPPY 50TH!!!!!!! RON and NANCY!!!!!!!! You are both an inspiration for myself and my wife. Just celebrated our 14th the 18th of the month!! I can only imagine how proud you both must be!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! [clapper]
Posted by Mark Baker (Member # 391) on :
Ron and has been said, an inspiration to us all! Congrats!
Posted by BRITTMAN (Member # 7431) on :
[clapper] [clapper] [clapper]
Posted by Otto (Member # 313) on :
Ron and Nancy

Happy Anniversary!!

PS. Love the SS Gold I just got from you!!
Posted by RightTrailWrongTime (Member # 4557) on :
CONGRATULATIONS RON AND NANCY!!! That is just wonderful that you both have enjoyed the journey together for 50 years, my best wishes for many more. I'm afraid I'll never get to have a 50th but I'm looking forward to one day having the first of many anniversaries with someone that shares my love of the wild- you are a lucky man!
Posted by hill boy (Member # 7146) on :
I will be a ripe old age to ever see 50 years of marrige..Heck My wife and I just got married 6 months ago.Congratulations [Not Worthy] This is certainly an inspiration.
Posted by Two Tracks (Member # 19120) on :
Happy anniversary Ron and Nancy! You two Helped spur me along for the last 20 yrs. and it has been a pleasure. Thank you, and many more Happy years together. Charlie, Chris and Jessica
Posted by Ben Kleinig (Member # 10583) on :
Good for you! Well-done!
Posted by Wannabe1 (Member # 7774) on :
Was just watching the news channel and thinking what a depressing world. Then I read this, got all choked up, kissed my wife, and thought what a wonderful world it can be!

Congrats Ron and Nancy!! My best too you and many more hunts together. [thumbsup] [clapper]
Posted by Blackhawk (Member # 140) on :
It looks like 1959 was not only a good year for bows, but also a good one for marriages.

Thanks for sharing the pics and story...and best wishes to both of you.
Posted by SERGIO VENNERI (Member # 1441) on :
Congratulations Ron and Nancy, Two of the most difficult things to find in life are a good spouse and a good hunting partner , you two found both.
Posted by GUYZER (Member # 17301) on :
Congradulations MR and MRS LACLAIR.I wish you many more yearssss..... together.
Posted by Teacher_of_the_Arcane (Member # 3339) on :


All the best....God's blessings....
Posted by Homebru (Member # 3018) on :
Congratulations on such a beautiful milestone, Ron and Nancy.
Warmest regards,
Posted by Bonebuster (Member # 11593) on :
Sincere congratulations to you both.

Here`s to many happy returns!!!!

Fifty years...

It`s not difficult if you pick the right girl. [Wink]
Posted by Toklat1 (Member # 12437) on :
Happy Anniversary Ron & Nancy.
Posted by Larry Surtees (Member # 14970) on :
This is too good! Congrats and may you both be blessed with many more years of happy hunting together [clapper] [clapper]
Posted by bowhunterfrompast (Member # 15591) on :
Congrats on the 50th Anniversary [clapper]
Posted by Jerry Wald (Member # 15100) on :
Happy 50th - working on 29 myself, but she isn't much for the outdoors though.

Glad to see you two so happy together after all of these years.

Jer Bear
Posted by Dave Bulla (Member # 744) on :
Congratulations! That is very admirable.

My wife and I are working on 19 years and I still haven't gotten her to go hunting with me but once.

How about some more of them pictures?
Posted by RRock (Member # 7541) on :
Congrats, Today also marks 39 years for myself and Linda. Really can't remember a time without her. Lord only knows how she puts up with me.
Posted by thp (Member # 6945) on :
Congratulations Ron and Nancy! Happy 50th!

What a wonderful partnership!
Posted by Shaun (Member # 2320) on :
50th ... is that diamonds? Or maybe diamond broad head sharpener. Continued happiness to the both of you.
Posted by THE LYNX (Member # 1726) on :
Happy Anniversary!! Congratulations!
Posted by Jerry Jeffer (Member # 8182) on :
Happy 50th!!!!! How great to find a life partner like that.
Posted by Killdeer (Member # 437) on :
May you have many more years of shared blessings, Ron and Nancy!

Hmm. I was three when you got hitched! [Eek!]
Sorry that I didn't see this yesterday, but Mockingbird and I spent the whole day in a way of which you would approve. We helped to slaughter and butcher hogs, shared what we knew with children (trad archery and the whole flint and steel thing) and enjoyed good old-fashioned country ways and fellowship. I hope that someday I might have done a fraction of the good work that you and your wonderful bride have accomplished in the preservation and forwarding of our heritage of traditional lore.

Congratulations on a shared life well-lived, and mates well chosen. It is a proud path that you two are walking.
Killdeer [campfire]
Posted by champ38 (Member # 16783) on :
Congratulations Ron and Nancy ! and wishing you many , many, more. Shane
Posted by Roger Norris 2 (Member # 13995) on :
Well, most of the ShreHaven crew got together last night with our wives and had a nice dinner for Ron and Nancy. 50!

You guys are an inspiration!
Posted by Ron LaClair (Member # 13) on :
Nancy and I had a great time at the dinner party last night. Thanks to the Shrew Haven Crew and their lovely wives who went out of their way to make it a very special and memorable evening.

Greg and Dianne, Roger and Laurie and Kevin and Lisa, thank you. A special thanks to Dianne for the delicious cake she made and for all the decorations and corsages.


Carlton and his lovely wife Kathy stopped by to give their congratulations. Carlton is the Blacksmith who makes the Shrew Hawks.


Our Wedding picture set at the end of the table the entire evening.


[ March 01, 2009, 11:07 AM: Message edited by: Ron LaClair ]
Posted by NoCams (Member # 8034) on :
Ron & Redbird,
Got in at midnight last night after driving home in the snow for 2 hrs, yes, it does snow in TN sometimes. I get up, get on TG here and what do I find.... ? One of life's greatest things, two people who have shared 50 years together. Congrats Ron & Redbird !!!

We attended the second annual TTAS banquet at Pappy'place in Twin Oaks. TJ and Chad did a wonderful job speaking, but I could not help but think back to last year and our very first TTAS banquet. We sure missed you fine folk, but as we all see now...... You had, "bigger fish to fry ". Congrats again on 50 wonderful years and memories. [Not Worthy]

Posted by amar911 (Member # 15808) on :
Ron and Nancy,

Wonderful story hearing about the two of you spending half a century together. Thanks for all the pictures of the happy couple. That looks like Dave Nelson (Ozzie and Harriett's older son) in the wedding picture! [goldtooth]

Best wishes,
Posted by Bill Kissner (Member # 1258) on :
Just got home from the UBI Banquet and saw this. Congratulations to you Ron and Nancy! Divorces are making this pretty rare. Jeanne and I started our 52nd year of marriage last October.
Posted by Jim@ThunderStick (Member # 591) on :
Congratulations Ron & Nancy. Hope you have many more. Jim & Diane
Posted by Dave Worden (Member # 2827) on :
Congratualtions, Ron and Nancy.
Posted by Jeff Roberts (Member # 741) on :
Congratulations to both of you. 50 years together is special. My parents just spent their 55th year together and I am celebrating my 25th next week. I hope me and my wife make another 25 and be as blessed as you and Ms. Nancy.
Posted by ChetterB (Member # 11308) on :
Congrat Ron & Nancy may you be blest with many more!!!
Posted by LEOPARD (Member # 8613) on :
Fantastic Ron! Happy 50th to both you and Nancy! [Wink] [thumbsup]
Posted by bawana bowman (Member # 16986) on :
HAPPY 50th Ron and Nancy!!

I'm 8 months away from 25 years with the same wife. And it seems to get harder every year.
It takes something special for a couple to stay together as long as you have.
Perhaps I need to try again to interest my wife in archery, (hunting may be pushing it). That may be what it takes to see us through to the 50th!

Posted by Oregon Okie (Member # 16137) on :
congrats to you both. I think I should buy a shrew hawk to celebrate.
Seriously, what a great thing and hope you have many more together.
Posted by joe ashton (Member # 11463) on :
congrats My hat is off to you both.
God bless.

Joe and Diane Asthon
Posted by Swamp Preacher (Member # 18116) on :
Congrats to you, Ron and Nancy. My co-pilot of 40 years will hunt with me but not hunt herself. Of course she birthed the six children so I figure she's working out OK.
May you continue to walk in overcoming blessings.
The Rev. J. Haden McCormick+
Posted by Steve G (Member # 9145) on :
What a Great Topic!! Best to You and Nancy on 50 years! That's many memories to reflect upon!! I shared with my wife that your 1st date with Nancy was to see Old Yeller, and then ice fishing!! She loved it! My wife Cindy and I Will be celebrating 27th Anniversary end of March, we just took a walk together hand in hand to start our day.
Posted by Schultzy (Member # 18482) on :
Wow, now that Is something to be proud of right there!! My hats off to both of you, congratulation's!! [thumbsup] [Not Worthy]
Posted by hera (Member # 14093) on :
Yes,my hat off to you Sir. [clapper]
Posted by wollybear (Member # 17575) on :
you make a bunch of us think and wich,its great that love and sport can get togeather.. and let me say i really like my hunter shirt and quvier their great! you have the love of trad [clapper] [clapper] [clapper] [thumbsup]
Posted by Lin Rhea (Member # 14136) on :
I've missed a lot of trad history being involved in other persuits. It's reading about folks like you and your lovely wife that makes me know I'm in the right place now.
I love seeing the pictures and I send my hearty congratulations to you both for 50 years of making memories. May you have that many more together. [Smile] Lin Rhea
Posted by doug g (Member # 16288) on :
Congrats to the two of you, that is great that you found each other very lucky for the two of you. [clapper]
Posted by Doug Campbell (Member # 269) on :
WOW, congratulations you guys!! and thanks for giving me a big smile this snowing morning. [clapper] [thumbsup] [thumbsup]
Posted by Wulomac (Member # 10992) on :
Well done, indeed!! This is a great example of good news in a too-often depressing time! Congratulations!

New Lothrop, MI
Posted by John Dill (Member # 5562) on :
Thats great Ron!!!!
Posted by Horne Shooter (Member # 7907) on :
Ron, you lead the life we all aspire to. Congradulations!
Posted by Basic Instinct (Member # 3359) on :
Awesome!! You sure gave us all something to shoot for. 50 YRS is just fantastic!!!
Posted by Kevin Bahr (Member # 266) on :
Congratulations, Ron and Nancy. Very impressive especially in this day and age. Hope you have many more years together.
Posted by Oliverstacy (Member # 13039) on :
Congrats...50 is long time to love a person!

My wife and I are going to have 10 this fall and I still love the way she smiles when she see's me while were out and about. Sometimes I take off in another direction just so I can see that smile when I return.


Posted by Ron LaClair (Member # 13) on :
Sometimes I take off in another direction just so I can see that smile when I return.
Josh, that's the smile of love and it never gets old. [goldtooth]
Posted by Jeff Strubberg (Member # 4552) on :
50 Good on both of ya for puttign up with each other! [Wink]
Posted by Bill Turner (Member # 2264) on :
Congrats to you and your bride. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

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