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Posted by AGranick (Member # 18559) on :
Has anyone ever had the string scrape up your lip? I've never had it happen before last night. I shoot split finger, and one of my anchors is middle finger to corner of my mouth.
Posted by McDave (Member # 10587) on :
Sometimes people will try to release the string by opening their fingers rather than relaxing them and letting the string push their fingers out of the way. They can’t forcefully open them fast enough, and the string hits their faces. There are other possible causes, but this is one of the most common.
Posted by YosemiteSam (Member # 45388) on :
Never the string. But I've had a nock slice me a few times. Mostly on the nose, though, since I shoot 3-under. I ended up filing down the index on the nocks I put on my woodies.
Posted by moebow (Member # 19141) on :
Tab or glove?? Usually NOT the string or the nock.

Posted by Sam McMichael (Member # 17671) on :
Moebow raises a valid question. I have been slapped in the lip when using a tab that is a bit too long.
Posted by Sirius Black (Member # 34894) on :
I have this happen with shots where I bury my middle finger a little too much into the corner of my mouth, with both tab or glove.

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