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Posted by Just Learnin' (Member # 6641) on :
Hey guys being from nebraska ive never eaten a grinner(possum) do to lack of people knowing how to do it maybe someone on here can get me a good recipe id love to try it...
Posted by Al Snow (Member # 441) on :
Possum is one of the very few "game" meats I wouldn't eat. They eat a lot of carrion, and I've heard the meat described as so greasy you can hardly swallow it. Here in the south, a lot of people used to eat possum decades ago, but even then, they preferred to catch a possum and keep it in a cage for a week or so, feeding it corn and sweet potatoes, etc., to "clean" it.
Posted by Blackhawk (Member # 140) on :
My dad grew up during the depression and had to depend upon game meat like deer, squirrels, rabbits, quail, etc. for the table...but he said his family would never eat possum.

He has eaten a raccoon or two, but left the possum in the woods.
Posted by mullskinner (Member # 7888) on :
no !! i ain't eating sams !! no grinner fo da skinner !!
Posted by Red Bear (Member # 3051) on :
My granddaddy at coon and possum both. Possums, especially, were trapped. He fed them nothing but corn for a week or two to get all of the "nastiness" out of them. Once done, they were skinned and put in a pan lined with cut up sweet potatoes. That got baked real slow. There's enough fat in a possum that it will literally render out and "fry" the sweet potatoes. He liked it but none of the other family members (me included) would touch it.
Posted by Dirts (Member # 8172) on :
Outdoor life cookbook.

1 possum, skinned
water for boiling
1 cup of vinegar
3 bay leaves
2 cans of beef broth (10 3/4 ounce size)
1 medium onion, very finely diced
salt and pepper to taste

Skin the possum, put into a suitable pot, cover with water, add bay leaves and vinegar, and bring it to a quick boil. Let it boil mildly for 30 minutes, then pour of the water. Add more water and boil for another 30 minutes. Discard the water. (The main purpose of the boiling is to help remove some of the fat from the possum.)
Bone the possum, cutting off as much fat as you can. Cut the larger chunks of meat across the grain, then put all of the meat into a suitable pot. Add beef broth and onions. Bring to boil, then simmer for an hour. Salt and pepper to taste--and my taste runs towart lots of pepper on this dish. Serve over rice, or over toast
Posted by Van/TX (Member # 312) on :
Man that sure sounds good [bigsmyl] [bigsmyl] [bigsmyl] ...Van
Posted by BigRonHuntAlot (Member # 8731) on :
As long as the deer,turkey,rabbit and squirrel are around there will be no possum for me. [nope] [help]
Posted by ShinBone (Member # 37544) on :
I had my first harvest with traditional bow gear. I promised myself that if I were to take this animal, I would not let it go to waste. So, for months, I did not take a game. But last night, the most incredible experience happened. I have the memory etched in my mind. I knew he was getting ready to move from my right to left. I drew while he was obscured. I loose my arrow at 15+ yard towards that small, slow moving mark.

It may not mean a lot to some, but I am a guy who took a bear in 2008 with the sterile, mechanical, sighted, triggered, wheel machine. Never again. This current hunt, though small, touches my soul, and connects me with the earth much more so than the 2008 hunt. Trad and primitive for life! Don't look down on small game. I see a lot of comments disparaging the opossum, which is fine. Don't take them if you do not want to eat them. : ) So, I agree.

Now, I have already been nourished by his heart muscles and abdominal muscles. Tough, but taste is fine. I ate the heart and abdominal wall (really tough, but cut against the grain made it fine).

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