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Posted by Grey Taylor (Member # 119) on :
Has anyone ever made biltong? It's an African version of dried meat, similar to beef jerky or wild game jerky.
I've read about it for years in African hunting books such as Peter Capstick's work and I'd really like to try making it.
Recipes and directions are available on YouTube and the internet but I'm having a challenge finding the silverside cut of beef. That's the cut traditionally used for biltong but the butchers I've spoken to here in CA have never heard of it.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by neuse (Member # 10875) on :

I would like to give this a try.
There are some South Aficans on here, maybe they will help out.
Posted by neuse (Member # 10875) on :
I made some last week and it tasted good.
I used some venison I had and I bought a round roast also.
The sugar and coriander give it a good taste.
Posted by calgarychef (Member # 12551) on :
It tastes best while in Africa eaten out of a paper's what I know about it.

Salt, coriander and vinegar...sugar never.

It's made with thick pieces of meat (3/4-1") and not totally dried out. Also the fat is left on not trimmed.

Dip in vinegar the the coriander, salt and pepper (?)
Hang to dry in front of a fan, do it in a fridge if it's really hot out.
Posted by AndreasLundin (Member # 45301) on :
I make bilton out of venison, beef or goat. Easy to do depending on temperature outside. Quick story Is to cut thick slices of your chosen meat. Cut with the grain not across. You wash the meat in vinagre and water. Let drip for a while before packing into rocksalt. I leave it for 30-40 minutes then wash the salt off carefully in the water and vinagre.

Let the meat drip for a while before turning in spice mix. Black pepper coriander, brown sugar and garlic powder is common.

Hang on meat hooks in a biltong box or in low heat/fan in a dehydrated. 2-3 days later it is done. Cut it in small pieces across the grain. I prefer my bilton still soft in the middle but with a hard crust.

If you are interested I can write up my recipes later on. Trim all fat as fat can turn rancid.
Posted by tracker12 (Member # 38129) on :
Would appreciate the recipe Andrea I think I may just make up a batch of it.
Posted by Grey Taylor (Member # 119) on :
I'm going to bring this back up for an update...

I found information that the silverside beef cut I was looking for is known as bottom round roast here in the states. I was able to find some at my local Winco.
After cutting somewhat thick slices I packed rock salt on each side and let that rest in the 'fridge for about three hours. After brushing off the rock salt the meat was dipped in malt vinegar and then coated all over with the spice mix and hung in my oven. For heat I used a clamp light and for air movement I used a little desk fan. After a day I turned off the light and just used the fan.
End result was rated absolutely wonderful by everyone who tried it. I've got standing orders from people I work with for as much as I can make.

The spice mix I made was dry roasted coriander seeds crushed in a mortar and pestle (a spice grinder would be faster and easier). I used a rather coarse crush that left quite a few seeds whole. Coarse ground black pepper, garlic powder, some ground coriander, and a bit of brown sugar.

Posted by neuse (Member # 10875) on :
I need to make some more, maybe this weekend.
I have a smoke house I built for my sausage and jerky, this is where I dry my Biltong.
Posted by snowbeast (Member # 42819) on :
I eat a lot of Biltong!
I used ate it when giving up smoking.

You guys have the right idea in the posts above.
Silverside is when you are at the Butcher, but any meat will work (sinew in biltong is not ideal).

I should do a write up for Biltong potjie.
Posted by neuse (Member # 10875) on :
I looked up Biltong Potjie, not knowing what it was, and looks to be a good dish.

Write up would be good snowbeast.
Posted by neuse (Member # 10875) on :
I have sliced meat soaking in brown vinegar, water and worchestire, total time 45 minutes.
Next I will sprinkle with seasoning mixture and let sit for about an hour, then i will hang in my smoke house to air dry with a fan.
Seasoning: Brown sugar, Coriander seed, Coarse Salt, Coarse Black pepper, Garlic Powder

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