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Posted by 2tradarchers (Member # 45077) on :
I went to an indoor 3D tournament and was disappointed with my results. The tournament takes place in a school gym. Normally I shoot 75% to 80% when I shoot outdoor tournaments. Why is it that when shooting indoors my scores drop to about 60% to 65%. I do not feel nervous. Does anyone else experience this or I am the only one?
Posted by Jasper2 (Member # 23011) on :
How is the indoor shoot setup? My guess is that it's a concentration thing. The indoor shoots that I've participated in require several people to shoot from the line at the same time. It is a major distraction to me and my scores are not as good as outside either....just a guess, I'm no expert. The lighting differences may also be a factor?
Posted by Sam McMichael (Member # 17671) on :
I would also suspect that concentration is a major factor. I would guess that after a few events and a little adjustment time, your scores will go back up.
Posted by 2tradarchers (Member # 45077) on :
I think you guys are right. When I think about it, the lighting, noise and a large group does affect my concentration. When I shoot outdoors I am more at peace in a wooded course.
Thank you for replying.

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