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Posted by robtattoo (Member # 9039) on :

Herb Meland 3-piece Pronghorn, 58# at 28", Easton lightspeed 500, weighted with welding wire & fishing line(!) 125gn Woodsman.
Posted by hunt it (Member # 1867) on :
Nice ram Rob! Almost a perfect match on the goatees!! Good thing that ones missing the $500.00 earring! Great to see you had a great time. That sure was a unique part of Texas to hunt.
Posted by robtattoo (Member # 9039) on :
I wish! I took the pricetag off for the photo! [Big Grin]

Stunning counry, harsh, but utterly beautiful. Can't wait til '08 [Big Grin]
Posted by hunt it (Member # 1867) on :
Ouch!!! Oh well, at any price it's hard to beat a Sweat Hunt!!
Posted by vermonster13 (Member # 8675) on :
Great photo. Has the sunburn healed up yet?
Posted by robtattoo (Member # 9039) on :
Well, I figured that it was a once in a lifetime deal, so wht the heck! (Turns out it ain't, but what the heck anyway! I'd a paid 10 times that just for the experience [Big Grin] )

Glad to say the sunburn is mellowing into a healthy looking tan!
Posted by Guru (Member # 616) on :
Congrats again bud!! [Not Worthy]

Posted by BigRonHuntAlot (Member # 8731) on :
Hey Rob, It was worth the 500 to me just to be able to see it all and help make it happen. Congrats Again Bro. [thumbsup] [readit]
Posted by robtattoo (Member # 9039) on :
Ron, I can't thank y'all enough for the help & occasional *ahem* 'distraction tactic'! [Big Grin]
Posted by Terry Green (Member # 3) on :
[thumbsup] [bigsmyl] [thumbsup]
Posted by hormoan (Member # 9619) on :
Hey Ron thats way cool you are sending him 500 [bigsmyl] Just what I read! [jumper] Kind of eary just how close in color those beards are!

I was looking for one with a bell!
Posted by Caddo (Member # 532) on :
Congrats again Rob!

Heck, all I saw were the ones with lipstick. And we all know...."Don't shoot the ones with Lipstick!" [bigsmyl]

Posted by hormoan (Member # 9619) on :
I guess Bigron is staying quite on that one! [bigsmyl]

Posted by UKarcher (Member # 5860) on :
Hey! I just realized we have an Englishman up top! Well done bro. I saw it was you and thought, well you don't get many of them goats on the moors. Good to see you had a great time.
[thumbsup] [thumbsup] [thumbsup]


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