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Posted by Tajue17 (Member # 1894) on :
25yrs ago I was part of 10-15 regular group who had a blast meeting up with our bows,, they have all moved on with their lives its only me left who misses doing this.

this is not a club but if anyone is from this area I'm trying to set up some every Sunday or every other Sunday (maybe late afternoons in summer) stump shooting, woods walk thru courses maybe some local 3D's, old school moving targets and aerials,,, bring your climbing stand or Ghillie Suit or whatever you use to hunt because practicing how you actually hunt is what will make this pretty fun and rewarding.

I'm out of the Plymouth Area my club is in Hanson and they have club breakfasts every Sunday morning,, also going to random public areas roving and shed hunting is fun too.
Posted by Tajue17 (Member # 1894) on :
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