TRAD ARCHERY NEWBIES      12.12.2010

Brought to you by Trad Gang!

Archery and Bowhunting SAFETY

(list compiled courtesey of Barry Binder - thank you!)

Don't "dry fire" any bow! Never release a string without an arrow attached!

Miss matched equipment, using incorrect spined arrows. Shooting damaged arrows, cracks (wood), and glass, carbon or aluminum. Inspect equipment!

Care when sharpening broadheads.

Proper storage of broadheads at home, vehicle, and in the field.

Care when walking with a broadhead on the string, climbing hills and descending.

Care when hunting from blinds and tree stands.

Safe practice ranges, avoid putting target butts in front of the neighbors fence, or near corners where some might walk around.

Looking for arrows behind a target on a range or course.

Avoid shooting at targets, where ricochet may hit something or someone.

Avoid "trick shots" involving people, or pets.

When handling pointy and/or sharp sticks, or putting any arrow on a braced bowstring - THINK!

Please feel free to PM or email me for further assistance ...