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Author Topic: *** OFF TOPIC info *** - and newbie info
Rob DiStefano
Admin - Webmaster
Member # 99

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please do not ask questions in this thread - if they are about trad archery/bowhunting, ask them in the appropriate forum - if they are of another nature, send an email or pm to an admin or mod. thank you.

this thread is now closed.

(Please note: "Trad Archery Newbies" article now found HERE)


Lately, with the wave of new people coming to Trad Gang, I feel there needs to be a review of what Trad Gang is about.........

Off topic threads can be one of a kind, or fit into a category. Here's a list of categories that are off topic for Trad Gang that have been problematic for a few months now......

No daily news or weather reports. This is NOT a news forum. Its a Bowhunting Forum.

E-B-A-Y/Auction sites/Sales alerts from non Trad Companies or non Sponsor companies.

No target/Olympic/flight shooting/field archery topics cept 3-D

NO Solicitations/Raffles/Auctions.

No Religious posts.

No Political posts.

No Daily Weather reports.

No non bowhunting related pics.

No links to other message boards.(this includes my space, facebook, and blogs)

No 'hunting contests' PERIOD.

No links to non-Sponsor sites

No canned hunt topics, plugs for or advertising period.

No Personal Contact threads.(use search feature and email)

No Scam alerts.

No Throwing Hawks, Throwing knives, non hunting knives, atlatls/spears, etc.

No Bloggs/Myspace/Facebook/ and YouTube non-bowhunting/YouTube personal Channels are all off topic. (direct links to a YouTube video are fine as long as they are trad bowhunting related)

No non Bowhunting TV/Movie threads.

No non Trad Bowhunting equipment (compounds, crossbows, mech heads, lazer sites, guns, etc...or even pics)

No fishing threads.

No pics of road kills, or any other weapon kills, or any type of kills that are not done so with trad bows.

No animals killing animals clips, or any other non hunting clips.

We do ONE charity a year and that's St Jude Children's Hospital. And we allow Compton and PBS to announce their raffles. This is all we do, so please do not post any type of charity/fund raiser of any kind.

Again, those categories above are off topic, and will always be off topic unless we approve a specific thread for a needy reason. Please help us help you by keeping the site on topic...Trad Bowhunting.

Trad Gang is a special place, and to keep it a special place it takes work from everyone, including the members. Try and understand that when your post is pulled, it is NOT personal, we are only trying to be consistent and fair as we can for the site's sake. No need to get bent out of shape, no need to go bizerk or explode.

Think you are alone?....Think we play favorites?..here's a few folks that have had their posts edited or pulled....

Ron LaClair, Dean Torges, Gene Wensel, Barry Wensel, Biggie Hoffman, Charlie Lamb, and Don Thomas, Rob DiStefano, Ray Hammond just to name a few....So, if you've had a post removed or edited, your in good company.

I've pulled my own post as well as had mods pull mine....so don't take it personal. We are just striving to keep the site on course and as established on day one.

Thanks for your consideration.


[ December 09, 2016, 09:26 AM: Message edited by: Terry Green ]

IAM ~ Black Powder Gang ~ TANJ ~ TGMM ~ NRA Life ~ NRA RSO ~ TMA ~ Buffalo Rifles

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I really like it, simple and too the point. dino

"The most demanding thing you can ask of a piece of wood is for it to become an arrow shaft. You reduce it to the smallest of dimension yet ask it to remain it's strongest, straightest and most durable." Bill Sweetland

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Thanks for taking your time to do this. A worthwhile endeavor for sure and one that will be appreciated by more than a few. It's easy to read and understand.
Thanks again!
God bless,Mudd

Trying to make a difference
Psalm 37:4
Roy L "Mudd" Williams
TGMM- Family Of The Bow
Archery isn't something I do, it's who I am!
The road to "Sherwood" makes for an awesome journey.

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Brad Davis
Trad Bowhunter
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Well done Rob.

Mommy, where does bacon come from??
Well, a pig sweetheart.
Well how does a pig lay bacon??
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Well, winter season honey.
No! What "hunting" season is it!!
Cassie 8

Kids, ya gotta love'um!

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dick sable
Contributor 2011
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Excellent overview Rob. Thanks for the effort.
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Trad Bowhunter
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[thumbsup] [thumbsup]

Joe Van Kilpatrick

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Trad Bowhunter
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Well done and said [thumbsup]

"As long as the arrows still in the air there's hope"

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Great outline Rob.Everyone should pay extra attention to your first sentence under the bow. Stay
within your capabilities of draw weight and you will
learn to enjoy this sport a lot quicker with far less problems.


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This should be pasted above. Good info Rob.

"There is no excellence in archery without great labor" - Maurice Thompson
"I avoid anything that make my dogs gag" - Dusty Nethery

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Too good to be on page 2 ...

Curt } >>--->

"I love you Daddy".......My son Cade while stump shooting 3/19/06

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Of all archery tackle, the arrow is absolutely most important.
Great post, Rob! and thanks for your statement on arrows. I absolutely agree. The arrow is the missle which spans the distance from bow to target and delivers the broadhead to the heart. I have to say tho, I prefer wood shafted arrows with feathers attached with glue. [Big Grin]

Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.

"The next best thing to playing and winning is playing and losing."

"An archer doesn't have to be a bowhunter, but a bowhunter should be an archer."

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Great info Rob, thanks for taking the time to put this information in writing.

DesertDude >>>----->

US Navy (Retired)

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Great post Rob. I think its Sticky worthy.

James Haney
Spring Hill, KS
_ _ _ _ __________ _ _ _ _
USMC Infantry 1996-2001
1st Marine Division

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Trad Bowhunter
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Well said Rob..Would it be possable to keep this at the top for a while?

"Everything's fine,just fine". Dad

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This should be pinned.Good post Rob.

The shoes,they don't make the man..
>>>>--TGMM family of the bow--->
Them that don't know him won't like him and them that do
sometimes won't know how to take him.

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