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Author Topic: Your MOST Unbelievable HUNTING shot(s)
Terry Green
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I'd like to hear about some of ya'lls most awe inspiring hunting shot(s) on game.

Maybe you only have one...maybe you have a dozen...lets make it your top 3 if you have more that that.

I'm not talking about your text book shots, I'm talking about ones that were not the norm, ones you had to 'manufacture', happened out of no where, self defense, some crazy position, or maybe one you don't have a clue how you made or remember how you made.

I'll add mine later on as I have a meeting in a few, but look forward to hearing about yours in the mean time.

I think the stories you guys n gals have will be very entertaining and a tribute to the bows and style we shoot.....


"An anchor point is not a destination, it's an evolution to execution" - Me

"It's important, when going after a goal, to never lose sight of the integrity of the journey" - Andy Garcia

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I only have one worth mentioning.(IMHO)

I was a guest on an amazing pheasant hunt with a great group of folks from Tradgang.(This was a St Jude pheasant hunt)

My shot wasn't on a pheasant but on a quail(also fair game for this hunt).

I was walking through the tall grass near a very brushy line running through the field when I saw a quail running in the brush about twenty yards away.

I looked ahead of the direction he was headed and saw a very small opening at about 17 yds. I just knew he was going to pass that opening and started swinging my bow that way.

When I loosed my arrow there wasn't a bird in the gap but by the time the arrow arrived so had the quail.

I was elated to say the least.


Someone else made a pretty amazing shot on a quail that day as well.


God bless,Mudd

Trying to make a difference
Psalm 37:4
Roy L "Mudd" Williams
TGMM- Family Of The Bow
Archery isn't something I do, it's who I am!
The road to "Sherwood" makes for an awesome journey.

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Scott E
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Mine aren't that incredible but I'll be things started.

It was late at night and I was going to the let dogs out. I flipped on the flood lights and there was a monster of a raccoon in the yard. I looked at the Mrs and said I'm going to shoot it. I went into my den and grabbed my only strung up bow. A 7 lakes long night that I had barley shot and then I grabbed a broadhead tipped arrow from the previous hunting season. A Doug Fir arrow with a 145 grain Stos up front. I didn't have time to grab a finger tab.

Leading up to the shot I was about to take I hadn't shot in months thanks to the terrible weather we had this past winter. I slid open the sliding glass door and was surprised to see the raccoon unimpressed by my presence. It was still casually feeding on bird seed.

That's when everything goes fuzzy. Complete and total autopilot. Before I knew it the raccoon was trying to run to the nearest tree. I thought I missed but it made it half way up the tree before toppling over. The arrow went in behind the front shoulder and passed through almost the full length of its body.

It's always nice to know that after a few months off I could still hit something.

Self reliance cannot be bought

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Kevin Dill
Contributor 2015
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3: Fine fall evening in Ohio. I had just killed a nice doe with a clean lung shot and heard her crash. I decided to sit and enjoy the evening, and probably 30 minutes later I heard trotting footsteps. It turned out to be a gray fox. He trotted right past me at 12 yards or so, and I proceeded to shoot him directly behind the shoulder on the run. He piled up immediately. I told my wife it was akin to shooting a tennis ball bounding through the trees.

2: Yukon Territory. I stalked a big black bear for 4 hours, as he hung around an old moose kill. I finally located him in his day bed and moved in. I considered my self fortunate to make it 40 yards. At 30 I began to think "maybe", and at 25 "probably" a shot. The bear was asleep but would rouse up periodically and without warning to check things out. At 15 yards I was amazed and knew I had earned the shot I might get. I kept advancing and angling for a more sure shot. At 5 yards I could go no further. The bear was still on his side but the angle was wrong. Suddenly he raised/stretched a leg and with no notion of how fast it would happen I watched my arrow crash into his chest. He jumped out snarling and growling...did a somersault...and stopped to bite the arrow. That's when the second arrow bit him, and he ran off to die.

1: Rainy day in Ohio. Coming out of the woods and across a field, I noticed a lone doe hanging out. I tried calling her in, but to no effect. She bedded at the edge of the woods but in a hayfield. I did a huge circle downwind and worked my way in about 45 minutes later. I came in from behind her, and used the woods/rain for cover. I made it to 10 yards, but one big problem: the woven wire fence blocked my shot. I tried everything but couldn't find an opening. I noticed the lower wires were rusted and missing, but could make no conventional shot. I was getting desperate as I watched her ears rotate for danger. I sagged to the ground and rested on an elbow, looking through the missing wires. I could actually see her chest when I laid my head near the leaves. I pointed my bow/arrow at the hole in the fence and said "go there"...then pulled to 3/4 draw and released. The arrow flashed under the fence and disappeared. Suddenly the doe was running hard away into the hayfield. I jumped to my feet in time to watch her face-plant and flip over dead about 75 yards away. Heart-shot...under a fence...couldn't actually see her when I released. That's one I wouldn't probably try today, and I'll never have the chance again anyway.

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Jeremy Gentry
Member # 41240

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I don't know that it would be amassing for some but for me it was. I was walking through the woods and a tree rat started barking at me. I stopped and scanned the area. Nothing. But it continued on. I pulled out my binoculars and started to glass and there he was just on the other side of a little log. He would poke his head up where just the top of it could be seen. Then down he would go. I got ready. Then his head popped back up. I could see his eye just clear the log. I released. 46 steps later I found my arrow had hit it's mark! Best shot I have ever made.

Thunderhorn 3 piece Heartstopper 60" 57# @ 28"

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Trad Bowhunter
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I've only got the one.

2008 in Texas. I'd been corning & stalking roads for javelina with no luck. Topped a small rise in the sendero & spotted a cottontail off in the distance. I guesstimated it to be probably 150yds. I had no real interest in stalking it, so I figured I could give it a scare & see just how close I could get my arrow.
Shooting a 62# Morrison Cheyenne, 780gn arrow tipped with a Hammer blunt I didn't figure I'd be able to even get within 20' of the poor thing, but I drew a bead, raised my bow, raised it some more aaaaand a liiiitle further and.....shot.

I watched that arrow for what seemed like 10 minutes as it arced through the air. It landed almost vertical in the road & stuck upright.
The rabbit didn't move.
Tried another & landed it within probably 10 yards of the first.
Rabbit's still sat there.
Hmm again.
So, figuring that it was either dead, dumb or deaf I walked up on it. My first arrow had dropped right through the top of it's head & pinned it to the road! I was half amazed & half feeling guilty as hell.

"I came into this world, kicking, screaming & covered in someone else's blood. I have no problem going out the same way"

PBS & TBT Member

>>---TGMM, Family of the Bow--->

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Trad Bowhunter
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At 9,000 ft in the Eagle Cap Wilderness we came upon a grazing muley buck and doe one morning. I stalked to as close as I could without spooking them. The problem was there was a downed deadfall that was blocking most of his body as he was uphill from me. I drew the bow and allowed the arrow to arch slightly over the deadfall and drop right down into him...I will always remember that shot and that whole morning.

Isaiah 49:2...he made me a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver.

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Contributor 2014
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This wasn't really hunting, but I doubt I'll ever duplicate it. 17 yds. This little guy showed up on my 3d target and I figured I'd see how close I could get. I got pretty close. 650 grains of Sherwood meets tiny dinosaur.



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J. Cook
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My first trad kill remains my best shot to date. A small buck was coming in perfectly, but I let him get almost directly under me and shot about 10" above my mark and missed him. He bounded off and turned broadside and I let fly. Perfect double lung shot at just over 35 yards. What made it so great for me is that I couldn't hit a pie plate at 35 yards if I tried 50 times (back then). That was pure instinct that kicked in.

To top it off, the buck ran about 85 yards across a gulley and thicket and literally died right in front of my Dad. The deer was immediately out of sight for me as it headed into a thicket that my father was hunting the other edge of. I knew he was down though because 3 seconds after the shot my dad let out a big "Wooohooooooo" through the quiet West Virginia evening woods. Great memories!!!

"Huntin', fishin', and lovin' every day!"

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Hot Hap
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It would have to be my shortest and longest shots- both on the ground. The shortest was 18"-I had to lean backwards to draw my bow. The longest was about 28 yds.


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Tony Sanders
Trad Bowhunter
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Some years ago the Traditional Bowhunters Of Maryland was having our annual Pheasant Hunt back then. I had gotten there late, and as I was approaching the hunt area, I saw some guys out in a cut corn field. They hollered to me that they had a pheasant that would not fly but it would just run through the corn rows. It was quite wet that day, and I did not have on my rubber knee high boots. As I headed to where the guys were, I nocked an arrow and as I stepped into one of the rows, a hen pheasant took out running straight away from me. Without even thinking about it I brought my Robertson Montana Falcon Recure to bear and let fly, and from approx 15-20 yards the broadhead tipped arrow cut the head right off of that hen. I mean it was a totaly instictive shot.
You can see the head gone off of the pheasant in the pic, and you can also see the bottom of my wet pants legs because of the water that was in the field. It was a great day afield Bowhunting Pheasants.



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Danny Rowan
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1. 1965, was out in a pasture with by brother and our good childhood friend Mike, we always had our bows with us when out and about. We had just been walking around looking for arrowheads and such when I spied a big Jack Rabbit about 100 yards out just sitting there, my bro says Bet you can't get an arrow within 20 yards of him" Placed a broadhead arrow on the string of my Ben Pearson cougar drawing about 50# and swung the bow up at a good angle and released, knocked that rabbit head over heals. I could not believe it and neither could my bro or our friend.

2. 1967. Was hunting on the same friends ranch south of Ozona, Texas. We were driving back to the ranch house in the old jeep when we spotted a doe in the sage brush flat. Stopped the Jeep and Mike picked up his 22 hornet to scope her, she was about 30 yards out. He confirmed she was a doe and whistled loudly and a nice wide 8 point jumped up right in front of her. I had the same Ben Pearson with an arrow on the string and at about half draw. completed the draw and released and killed him clean at 25 yards. My first big game archery kill and the biggest buck I have ever killed. I was standing beside the jeep by the way, not in the jeep.

"When shooting instinctivly,it matters not which eye is dominant"

Jay Kidwell and Glenn St. Charles

TGMM Family Of The Bow
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Cody Roiter
Trad Bowhunter
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The last hunt that my grandpa and i had before his death, was a lucky shot indeed, I was shooting a 66" 68# longbow that was Ron"s (laclairs) he gave me a few years back, Anyways my gpop and where on are way back to camp, When a young buck took off on a run away from us, he was beded down so good in the pines we didnt even see him, He took off on a full run, As i pull the old bow back, the deer started passing threw two trees about 45 yards away I let the arrow fly and made the hitt, He died a few mins later, A running shot, three heavy pines and having a opening no bigger then a pie plate wasnt the shot i wanted too take, But it was the only good shot i could take,

We as archer's must keep it alive by helping others into the sport WE LOVE.

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Dan bree
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When I first stared out with my Pearson lemon wood bow . Took a shot at a rabbit the arrow hit 10yrds in front of him bounced up and hit him in the head 1962 wow still remember that one . Took him home skined him and hung him on the wall . First big game kill Lol.

Dan Breen

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Gordon Jabben
Trad Bowhunter
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I guess my favorite certainly wasn't a good shot but a lucky one. About twenty years ago I was hunting from a treestand for deer and had taken a squirrel which had come by on the ground. I decided to get out of the tree and walk down an old oil field road through some blackjack timber to see if I could get another squirrel. As I was walking, I saw a bedded doe and managed to get within about twenty-five yards. I took a shot and it was high and a little forward going over the does shoulder. A couple other deer took off with the deer I had shot at. They had been bedded behind the doe and I hadn't seen them. As I was looking for my broadhead arrow I noticed the impressions in the leaves where the unseen does had been laying and they were directly behind the first doe. I thought surly not, I couldn't have hit one of the unseen does but in a few yards found blood. About 50 yards latter I found a heart shot doe.
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