Trad Gang Corporate Sponsorship

Not many benefits come with this type of Sponsorship. This is simply a way of showing your non-bowhunting related company's contribution and promotion of Trad Gang. Your business and contact info will be listed in the Corporate Sponsors forum on the Main Forum Home Page, you will have Corporate Sponsor under your name that will be seen every time you post, and you will access to all the Trad Gang classifieds forums.

The LIFETIME cost of being a Corporate Sponsor is $100.

Sign up through Paid Subscriptions via PayPal by going to your Trad Gang profile and under the "Actions" tab, click on "Paid Subscriptions". Payment can be via PayPal cash or any major credit card. Payment is for 100 years!

If you are interested, you may contact me at the email addy below.

Or, payment can be sent by check or M.O. to:

Trad Gang
PO Box 997
Resaca, Georgia 30735

Make checks or M.O.s payable to "tradgang" and what the check is for (corporate sponsor) in the envelope as well.

Thank you for your time and support - good hunting to you!

Trad Gang Admin